San Diego Wild Parrots, Red-Crowned Parrots

The wild parrots found in San Diego, seem to migrate through different areas at different times of the year. They find some trees they like to eat the berries or seeds out of and they stop by there for a couple days to a couple weeks. They then move on to different trees in different parts of the town. If you come looking for them they will be hard to find. There are some that seem to live high up in the tall palm trees year round in the Ocean Beach area. Most people love to see them pass by and find them fascinating. A few others are just irritated by their loud sounding squawking noise. Personally I find them fascinating. There are different rumors about how they came to be in the area like they were smuggled in from Mexico or South America, then freed from captivity. Or the rumors of someone letting them free to escape a burning house. Who knows probably both stories are true. In conclusion if you come looking to photograph them they are usually hard to find, however if you live here and notice nature and birds etc. Then you will most likely see them in a tree or hear them squawking as they fly east in the morning and west in the evenings. P.S There was a great movie made about parrots like these a few years ago in San Francisco called The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill by Pelican Media.

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